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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 8, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the capitol for the latest. plus we'll get answers to your questions from federal news radio. also firefighters hurt on the job overnight fighting a fire. we'll get the details on their conditions and what happened. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. that's not the prettiest of fridays, but the dome front is center this morning. temperature is a little on the chilly side right now along with a few rain drops. thank you for being with us. i'm allison seymour. >> good morning. we have some rain showers across portions of the viewing area.
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some of you getting rain and some not. off to the east, portions of maryland getting some pretty good rainfall. around baltimore, that's where the heaviest rain has been this morning. 45 at reagan international. humidity is at 86%. the breezes are out of the northeast. the forecast for today. lots of clouds around. periods of rain during the course of the day. high only 52 degrees. that's 12 degrees below normal. we'll have more on today's forecast and a look ahead at the weekend coming up in a bit. stick with us for that. let's go to julie wright. >> wet and not so much fun. that sums up the day as far as traffic goes. on the west side of town, 66 coming inbound the accident before the beltway is gone. traffic will slow leaving the
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visitor's center headed east. then to the beltway, all our lanes are open. the inner loop as you approach arlington boulevard again. southbound 270 lanes are open. a little below speed here. slow traffic in germantown. again at the lane divide. they were checking for the crash. the wreck on the outer loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. let's get the latest on the impending government shutdown. negotiators burning the midnight oil again after senate and house leaders met at the white house for the fourth time this week. >> there's no sign of an agreement here. at this point, it may not be a question if there's a shutdown but how long will it last. let's get the latest from sherri ly. >> reporter: good morning. president obama has said he wants an answer this morning from lawmakers as to whether
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they can agree to a budget deal and avert a government shutdown. there are just hours left to go. 800,000 federal workers are expected to be furloughed if there is a shutdown. and it is getting too close for comfort. the negotiations continued throughout the night between capitol hill and the white house. the progress is being made, but the president says he doesn't have wild optimism they can reach a deal either. harry reid and john boehner met with the president yesterday, but a deal remains illusive. republicans want deeper cuts than democrats including a cut for planned parenthood and antipollution enforcement. the one area lawmakers do agree on is any government shutdown would be damaging. >> i'm disappointed we haven't been able to get something done at this point. but i'm pleased we're still working on it.
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>> all of us sincerely believe we can get to an agreement, but we're not there yet. >> reporter: it's not just federal workers who could be impacted. the washington d.c. region especially northern virginia is home to an $80 billion government contracting industry. without a budget, contract cannot be awarded and some contract workers have jobs side by side with federal workers. so they would be locked out too without paychecks. so while it may not cripple the local economy, it would certainly cause a slowdown. that's the latest. >> what happens if the government runs out of money? a federal shutdown would mean no new clinical trials, delayed refunds for those filing paper tax returns, no paychecks for
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men and women in the military, the thoughts of the delayed paychecks are on the minds of many. >> reporter: there's a new enemy for the 90,000 troops deployed in afghanistan and more than 45000 in iraq. it's the threat of a government shutdown that could leave their families back home with a lot less in their bank accounts to make ends meet. >> they count on that paycheck being there when it's supposed to be there. the effect of a shutdown would be devastating to our military families. >> reporter: secretary of defense robert gates told troops in iraq said their paychecks would be for half the normal amount and wouldn't get paid the next pay period if the government gets shut down. that process protect was on the minds of many at an event tonight honoring the top military children. >> tonight i want you to know
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that my husband and i are proud of you. >> reporter: mike gets got back from afghanistan just in time to see his daughter nicole pick up her award. he knows how devastating a shutdown can be for military families. >> if does add a little stress but it's fine. we get through it. we have strong families. we have great leadership that's going to take care of us. >> reporter: the coast guard has been working on a contingency plan just in case. >> we're looking at other alternatives as to how we're going to deal with it. it's hard to plan when we don't know how long it could be. >> reporter: peggy has her daughter to lean on. she has faith it will all work out. >> like with anything, we put our faith in our leaders and
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know they will look out for us. much more ahead on the possible government shutdown on fox 5 morning news. we'll get answers to the questions you have sent us when we talk to federal news radio. after 7:30, we'll be joined by the federal eye reporter for the washington post. a look now at the morning's other top stories. one firefighter dealing with life-threatening injuries. three others also hurt while battling a fire. part of the roof collapsed on the flames. no residents were home at the time. the cause of the fire is still under investigation.
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d.c. police investigating a deadly shooting in southeast. this happened at 9:30 last night in the 1300 block of congress street. a minor was shotted and killed. they don't know the exact age. there are no suspects at this time. coming up on 8 minutes after the hour. it's 45 degrees on this friday morning. the cherry blossom festival will go on. h the festival president after the break. >> let's take a look outside this morning. traffic still coming into the city on the 14th street bridge right now. 45 degrees the latest forecast coming up.
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the national cherry blossom festival parade will go on. >> there were concerns it might not happen because of the government shutdown. how did it happen? let's find out. on the phone now is the festival president. good morning. how did you make this work out? >> we have worked around the clock with our festival team. first of all, it was for the exceptional support of the metropolitan police department to help us make this happen as well as our parade production team. working around the clock. >> i can hear the literal smile in your voice right now. you've done this for many years now. tell us what this means for our area and these really
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challenging times. >> we would be very sad to disappoint the many residents and visitors that do come to the festival each year. as well as the thousands of people participating in the parade. we have 13 high school bands from around the country who have spent all yearlong raising money and doing fundraisers for this once in a lifetime opportunity. we really didn't want to disappoint them. >> which is a great point. we talked with some of those bands earlier that were excited to be here and hoping this would work out. the big question though not just for the folks in the parade but for those who want to see it are you going to have to make any changes to the route because of what's going on? >> if there's a government shutdown, there's a plan b. there will be route changes. we will be putting the details of those route changes on the website this morning. it will affect some of the
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grand stand viewing areas and some of the ticketholders. but those details are still being worked out. >> as it stands right now though, what can we expect for those who have enjoyed this parade in years past. what's the bear minimum of what we're going to see? >> you'll see the entire parade. there's still viewing. those people that have grand stand seats that will not be able to see the area can make a choice and come stand for free on the sidelines of where the route will be taking place. >> i think it's good news that at least we're going to have it. as far as other changes, we'll keep an eye on the website and look forward to hear anything from you. good news so far this morning. it is good news. if you're planning on heading
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down they are working hard. >> i think it's excellent news. it's a morale boost. this is something we can count on and it's happening. as far as this weekend if you're going to come into town check out the cherry blossoms, sunday might be the day to do it. >> sunday will be a good day to head down. the rainiest day of the next three days will be today. i think there will be some rain showers around tomorrow morning and then improvement during the course of the day. let's show you what's happening now. we'll start with a look at the radar. we are seeing some rain showers. here you go. it's raining in washington off to the east and north and west as well. now we're starting to get some of that rain filling into our southwest too. it's all passing through the region. as you can see, there's more moisture off to the west no
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ohio and indiana. that's going to be dragging through the mid-atlantic as well. we describe it as periods of rain today. you do want to be aware of that. temperatures are in the the 40s as we mentioned. we're done with the 30s and sticking with that. 40s right now in washington. 46 degrees as a matter of fact. 46 in annapolis. winchester at 47 degrees. colder air to our north. then more mild air to the south. forecast for today looks like this. rain today. 52 degrees for your cool high. rain showers tomorrow morning will give way to partial sunshine in the afternoon. sunday a mix of clouds and sun, but 75 degrees. very nice day. monday will be warm. 83 degrees but with a chance of showers in the evening. then tuesday we're back at 70 degrees. that's a look at the weather. more in a little bit.
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>> thank you. it does get better. let's get a look at traffic. >> good morning. once again, big delays headed into the district this morning. you're going to find yourself on the brakes as you travel southbound. d.c. route 295. the problem is the accident southbound 295 after howard road. it's been out there for quite some time. southbound 295 after of howard road the right lane is closed and delays are beginning back here. southbound baltimore washington parkway exit route 50. activity there. delays on the parkway stacking up from 450. this is a live shot on traffic on 395 in the main line and hovs. you're going to find delays up to seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. it's 7:17 now. this morning we're getting
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answers to your questions about the possible government shutdown with the help of the folks at federal news radio. >> amy morris and tom timmons joins us. thank you for joining us. here's the question for this hour sent by a viewer who asks, how will tax refunds be affected? will there just be delays or is there a possible threat there as well? >> it depends on how you file. our understanding is if you file electronically, it will go smoothly. if you owe, the deadline will still be april 18th. so you need to get the check in. if you filed paper return, that's going to be hung up. if you are getting a tax refund, that's also probably going to be delayed. >> all right. >> the irs is essential
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employees. so electronic is the way to go. everybody will get their money back but sometimes bureaucracy grinds slowly on furlough. >> thank you. you'll be with us throughout the hours this morning. what's the number one question or worry that's coming in from the federal workers this morning to you guys? >> i would say the number one question after will i be furloughed is when will i get paid and will congress approve my pay? that's still up in the air this morning. >> that really is as far as if they will get the back pay. >> absolutely. back pay is actually an act of congress. historically they have gotten their pay. this year that's really up in the area. legislation may be introduced to cover the federal worker, but where it's going to go, we don't know yet. >> we're going to leave it there for now. we'll check back in with you
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next hour. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> keep your questions and comments and concerns about the government shutdown coming in. we have really gotten the message that this is a big story because of your feedback from what you're telling us. we have several ways you can communicate with us. you can go to we have a questionnaire to fill us. >> we have much more coverage aheed. coming up, we'll be joined by ed o'keef, the federal eye for the washington post. he's been covering what's been happening overnight. and 9:00 we'll be joined by eleanor holmes as well. 45 degrees on a friday morning. recovery efforts in japan set
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back by a massive aftershock. the latest ahead.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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let's head to the pacific. more terrifying moments in japan. this is a look at the powerful aftershocks yesterday. a 7.1 magnitude quake. this was the strongest aftershock since the major tsunami last month. two people were killed in yesterday's quake. more than 100 injured. another nuclear plant briefly
7:25 am
lost power. radioactive water splashed out of the pools. the nuclear complex did not report any new problems yesterday. to libya. nato confirm this is morning that air strikes have hit rebels killing at least five. they are not going to apologize for the deaths. alsoin the meantime the u.n.'s children's agency is reporting that snipers in one town are targeting children. they say they have reliable reports that children are being singled out by snipers. a hawaii appeals court rejected a man's request to inspect president obama's birth certificate. >> the judge issued an opinion saying that the man failed to state a valid claim to having the document. hawaii's former health director
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said he has verified the original record. coming up, president obama spending another night meeting with top congressional leaders trying to avoid the government shutdown that's potentially hours away. we'll get the latest when we check in with the federal eye reporter ed o'keef.
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rain always makes the commute tricky. >> we have rain shower there is. it was not raining in some locations. partit's hit or miss depending on where you are. some areas dry out and will few more move through. let's start with the radar. most interesting thing about this is the areas of heavier rain up to the north. not here. well there is a little to the north. but around baltimore and elsewhere across eastern maryland, seeing some heavy rain into dover, delaware. up to the northwest, then right here on the northern side of the beltway and along 270, seeing a couple areas where
7:31 am
there's rainfall. temperatures are in the 40s. 46 degrees in washington. frederick is at 45 degrees. so is hagerstown. in virginia 47 in culpepper. rainfall during the course. like i said, some areas get it and some don't. it shifts during the course of the day. more rain coming through. everyone getting it around 4:00 this afternoon. then another band comes through. so periods of rain. some of it could be heavier by the nighttime hours. then into tomorrow morning, we still think some showers and drizzle. but by the middle of the afternoon, we'll get some
7:32 am
partial clearing and conditions begin to improve. for today the forecast looks like this. look for a high today only in the 50s. cool, cloudy, and more rain is likely. for tonight a cool night. check out the forecast for tomorrow. early morning rain. high 58 degrees. that's below normal but better than today. sunday nice. 75 degrees. monday hot at 83 degrees with some thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and evening. tuesday we're still above normal. cooler than monday, but still above normal.
7:33 am
>> we showed you this 15 minutes before. it was bumper to bumper. thanks for the call. they called to tell me the accident activity is cleared. lanes are open and the pace is improving. as you work in from northeast washington, better news for you there. pennsylvania avenue they were checking for a crash there. that's a check of your traffic. in the impending government shutdown, republicans in the house passed an extension yesterday, but it has amendments called riders that some defund the environmental protection agency and planned
7:34 am
parenthood. last night the president met with the top leaders in the house and senate. after the meeting he said more talks would take place overnight. >> i think the staffs of the house and the senate as well as the white house staff has been working very hard to try to narrow the differences. i expect an answer in the morning. my hope is that i'll be able to announce to the american people some time relatively early in the day that a shutdown has been averted. the president said despite some progress, he's not ready to express wild optimism that the government will not shutdown. joining us this morning is ed o'keef. we can't have you in enough. it's like a direct hit to washington d.c. and all the federal workers here and the services that we won't see because of this special nature of the district of columbia. what's the latest as far as what you're hearing? >> we're waiting to see if the
7:35 am
negotiators come back later today to tell the white house that there's a deal that they think they can get a vote on. then congress would have to move faster than it ever has to get a budget bill through before midnight. in the event that doesn't happen, it looks like washington would be impacted because of the national zoo, museums, and a few other things that have to close down. then maybe we get to the end of the week and they will have sorted this out. >> what does happen monday regardless of what happens tonight? >> everyone should have learned their fate either yesterday afternoon or today at the office. but even if you know whether or not you're essential or nonessential, you're supposed to show up on monday to basically help close the place down. turn off the lights and the computers and take the plants home. and the essential personnel will keep working.
7:36 am
>> it's become like the blackberry phenomenon. you are not allowed to work at all. >> it's called the antideficiency act. it basically says the government cannot accept free labor. it's some type of slavery actually. it was in the wake of that. it's against the law to work if you're nonessential. you will either turn in your blackberry or not touch it. they were asked yesterday will you prosecute someone for doing this? they wouldn't say, but it is against the law. >> let's talk about the people who will continue to get paid at some point. we're talking about the military. what's the latest now? >> if a bill passes later today, even if it's a short- term deal, it's expected it would account for military pay to keep paying the troops on time. if not, if there is a shutdown, the defense department says
7:37 am
those in uniform will get paid for this week. today is the midpoint of a 2- week pay period. anything after today is more complicated and might not arrive on time. that's causing a lot of fear among military families who depend on those checks. it's causing a lot of anger and embarrassment for lawmakers who don't like the fact that they go out and say they are supporting the troops and understand the plight of military families, but they aren't paying them. >> as far as the rest of the workforce, what about their paychecks? >> if you're an essential worker, someone who has to work through a shutdown, you will be retroactively paid. the bigger question now is if you're a nonessential worker who doesn't work during a shutdown, will congress vote to pay you? that's happened in the past, but there's been a lot of concern among union leaders and
7:38 am
democratic lawmakers that perhaps the more fiscally bent will say no. why should we pay you if you didn't work. the flip side is i didn't work because you didn't let me. >> what about those traveling? >> there's been some confusion about this. i think it's an agency by agency thing. in some cases if you're supposed to be on official travel, you might have to come back. overseas the embassies and the government development workers will curtail their services. embassies would operate. but at a lower level of staffing. who that impacts are the nonamerican locals who work in the embassies. >> ken o'keef writes the federal eye for the washington post. we appreciate it. thank you. much more ahead on the possible government shutdown on fox 5 morning news. coming up at 8:00, more of your questions will be answered when we check back in with the
7:39 am
host of the federal drive show on federal news radio. then at 9:00 we'll be joined by eleanor holmes norton. we want to know how the shutdown would affect you. you have several ways of letting us know. you can go to we have a questionnaire to fill out. there's also a link on the home page. 7:39 right now. if the government shutdown does happen, a lot of folks will have to make big changes to their budgets because their paychecks may be put on hold. we'll look at how to weather this financial storm coming up with the financial advisor at 8:00. a shocker on american idol. did you expect a fan favorite to be sent packing? which one is on their way home.
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our faceback fan of the day is lewis.
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he started watching fox 5 as a kid. he's waiting for the 80-degree weather so he can ride his motorcycle. >> i think you have something in common. waiting for the sunny days. >> today not going to be one of them. but look no further than monday for 80 degrees. >> now i put kind of violent weather with the warm bursts. so i can't get super excited about it. the wicked claps of thunder and lightning we saw the last time. >> it will get better when we even things out. >> we are seeing some prescription at this hour. here's a look at the radar.
7:44 am
showing you some streams of heavy rain off to the northeast moving through aberdeen. near all of those regions. northeast maryland seeing heavy rain. not a lot going on for us right now. but you see how the bands are coming through. but in the district, not much happening in the form of rain. here's a look at the weekend forecast. now we have two different things going on. each day will be different. saturday you see we are under the cool dome. some of us are under that all the time, but on saturday all of us will be. we will see cooler conditions. maybe some prescription during tmorning hours. then that warm front moves northward. by sunday things warm up. saturday 58 degrees with
7:45 am
morning rain. sunday mix of clouds and sun and 75 degrees for your high. forecast for today looks like this. cloudy and cool and periods of rain coming through. high only 52 degrees. that's the latest on the weather. >> thanks. let's check in with julie and see how traffic is. >> good morning. unfortunately, we have a new problem to report. it's affecting your drive along southbound 270. you guys traveling southbound in the local lanes, this is the accident activity that's tieing up everything but the far left lane. if you're traveling southbound in those lanes, line up to the
7:46 am
left in order to squeeze by. delays at 118 and germantown. so a slow go pretty much to the lane divide. we have a complicated matter with the accident in the local lanes. on 395, you're slowing at the beltway. boundary channel drive, it's heavy and steady. no accidents. just volume. activity cleared off 295. all lanes open. delays improving there. pennsylvania avenue a crash reported inbound new york avenue. delay through the traffic lights. live shot of traffic moving. slowly. more delays to north cap. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. let's check sports. the harper era finally starting. it gets its first cracks in hagerstown. he made the most of it. pretty good for brice harper. documented by major league baseball is members of the commissioners office were in attendance. they will then auction off those pieces of memorabilia. the big club the nationals playing in front of six fans in florida. jason worth looking for his
7:47 am
first homerun. it goes off the top of the wall. is it a homerun? jason worth doesn't think so. he's trucking into third until the umpire says go ahead. how about this one? here's what you call a no doubter. that's one that adam has been waiting for all year. that's their second win of the season. now they head up to new york to take on the mets. d.c. united is hoping to make it to the opening cup. they take on the gal accuracy.
7:48 am
galaxy. >> d.c. scores is out here. coming up, we're going to tell you how coming to the game this weekend you can help support the program. then we'll talk about how they are helping kids such as them. that's next.
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
d.c. united facing the la galaxy tomorrow night.
7:52 am
they have a couple players you may have heard of like david beckham. >> holly is finding out more about the team and programs they do off the field too. >> reporter: good morning. let me tell you if you're coming out to the game on saturday, landon donovan probably won't be playing. that's the word right now. he played in two international games last week and the full 90 minutes against philadelphia. his coach says he's suffering from fatigue. so he probably won't be playing. david beckham probably will be playing. what you really want to do is see d.c. united. that's the home team. when you're talking about d.c. united, there's one name that always comes to the forefront and that's hamaim rano. so much for relaxing during
7:53 am
retirement. >> i know. right now, we're very excited with my new role in the club. >> reporter: your new role has to do with children. you're doing the youth programs here. tell everybody about the academy first of all. i'm not sure everyone is familiar with all of that. >> we have different teams. it's a big program where every time we practice, we have tryouts. any kid can try out for the academy. >> reporter: what an opportunity for those young people to be trained by someone of your talent. >> you just have to show up.
7:54 am
basically, working a lot on technique and emphasize individual and also team tack ticks. the most important thing is we're going to have fun and help the kids to get better at the game. >> reporter: the summer camps is what they are signing up for now. you're having your first ever spring break camp april 18th. the thing about these camps is it's not just d.c. united only. you guys are an integral part of the camp. >> sure. i'm going to be working with the kids and looking at helping the coaches too. having fun. i'm going to have the opportunity to try to show the kids what i learned through my
7:55 am
own years of playing professional soccer. >> reporter: do you think these kids are having fun this morning? >> i hope so. >> reporter: i think they are trying to convince themselves as well. this is amy. she's the executive director. tell me about d.c. scores for people that aren't familiar with the program. >> d.c. scores is an afterschool program in 26 schools. we work with 800 students. our mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy lifestyles. >> reporter: it's amazing the difference that something like soccer can make. >> it's a huge difference. these students would not be able to play soccer if it wasn't programs like d.c. scores. >> reporter: you always need volunteers. >> we have a couple big special events coming up. we have to fundraise every year. so we have a corporate cup tournament. we always need soccer referees
7:56 am
and rating coaches. >> reporter: and one way people can also support d.c. scores is by coming to the game this saturday and doing what? >> and coming to the concession stand in section 212. 10% of the proceeds of all sales are coming to d.c. scores. >> this is your first time to do this. >> yes. >> reporter: so go to section 212 to get your concessions. bring your patience. it's going to be the most fun concession stand. you'll be eating and drinking for a good cause. thank you for coming out early. i appreciate it. >> thank you to you. one thing i would like to remind people. you can go on our website to sign up for camps. we're very excited to have all the kids out here. >> reporter: and we'll have a link at game at 7:30 saturday night. in the next hour ben olson the coach of d.c. united will join us on the field.
7:57 am
we'll see what he has to say on this oh so beautiful friday morning. back to you all. >> thank you so much. great event. it's always fun when the galaxy is in town. 7:57 now. >> a shocker on american idol. coming up, a fan favorite sent home. >> what's marcus going to talk about now? time running out for the government shutdown. we get the layest right after the break.
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lawmakers have until midnight to avoid a government shutdown. president obama says he doesn't have wild optimism that an agreement will be reached. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the shutdown and how it could impact the nation and the city later this hour. we'll also get reaction from
8:01 am
lawmakers about how they are going to get paid. we'll also get advise from a financial expert later this hour. we say good morning to tony perkins. he's got maybe a fitting forecast. >> he doesn't have the best news. >> i pantomimed you in. >> when you don't bring sunshine, you can stay over there somewhere. >> all right. let's take a look at the satellite and show you what's happening out there. we have some clouds across the area. mostly cloudy skies. it will be a mostly cloudy day today as well. we've got some prescription coming from the clouds too. some rain showers. not everybody getting it at this moment, but some are. we'll show you the radar. we're seeing the heaviest rainfall off to the northeast primarily across northeast
8:02 am
maryland. bands of heavy rain. the district we were getting some rain not too long ago. just some drillal and misty conditions. a lot of the rain has pushed off to the northeast. there's more prescription and some of that will work its way in here. here's a look at what's happening right now. 46 degrees. relative humidity at 86%. our winds are out of the east at 5 miles per hour. there will be more rain later today. a high of 52 degrees. more on that coming up in just a little bit. >> you're always welcome. let's check in with julie wright and find out what's happening on the roads. >> it's a good thing you guys can't push me around. i would just fall off this little box i'm standing on. on the roads right now, you're going to find better news on 270. the crash we reported earlier that was tight up -- tieing up the right lane has been moved over. southbound 270 on the brakes as
8:03 am
you work south of 370 headed e divide. no incidents to report across the bridge at this time. inbound silvan parkway during the douglas bridge not a busy ride at all. 295 we had a crash. all that activity has cleared. the outer loop still below speed. southbound parkway incident root 50 still causing problems. that's a check of your on time traffic. >> all right. thank you. 16 hours away from a possible government shutdown. congress has until midnight to come up with a budget deal to fund the government through september. if it doesn't happen, the government will shutdown. doug luzader is on capitol hill. he joins us with our. top story. >> reporter: both sides say they are closer to an agreement, but they have been saying that for awhile. president obama wants to break news later this morning. >> my hope is that i'll be able to announce to the american people some time relatively
8:04 am
early in the day that a shutdown has been averted. >> reporter: the president met once again with senate majority leader harry reid and house speaker john boehner. >> no agreement on numbers and no agreement on the underlying policies that were passed by this came we are. >> reporter: and a republican stopgap measure to avert a shutdown got nowhere in the senate. it includes a provision to cut abortion funding for washington d.c. and in part because it's not a final deal. >> we can't keep funding this government one paycheck to the next. >> reporter: if a temporary deal won't work, this may be we have to look forward to. parts of the federal government shutting down. >> 800,000 families, our neighbors, our friends who are working hard across the country in a whole variety of functions they suddenly are not allowed to come to work. >> reporter: that means in you file your taxes by mail, your
8:05 am
refund check may be delayed. if you want to visit a national park, you're out of luck. most federal employees will still work. if you receive a benefit check, that won't stop. the post office will still get it to your house. because federal employees don't work on fridays, they left work yesterday uncertain whether they will return on monday. doug luzader, fox news. >> how are lawmakers reacting to the looming shutdown? sherri ly is live on capitol hill with that parking part of the story. >> reporter: it's been a war of words over this budget battle. each side accusing the other of playing politics with the american public. now republicans want deeper spending cuts than democrats. this morning we did catch up with the senator from maryland. he's the house majority whip. he say democrats have given $70 billion in cuts of the $100
8:06 am
billion that has been proposed. it's the gop that won't budge. >> shutdown is going to be destablizing for our region. more importantly, for our families and for individuals. it ought not to happen. all i can say to them is we're going to be fighting. myself, harry reid, the president of the united states. all of our democrats are fighting to keep this government open and crating and not try to change the positions while we're negotiating, but keep government running to serve the people that expect service. so it's a great shame that we have again been put to the brink of shutting down the government with the trauma it's creating for millions of people. not just federal employees, but contractors who do business with the government. social security recipients, veterans benefits, worrying about whether this is going to affect them.
8:07 am
people who want to visit the parks with their kids. all the the things we don't think of are critically important for everyday life. shutting down the government ought not to be a political area that one party uses to get the other party to agree with them 100%. we have gone 70%. certainly that should be a basis to reach an agreement. >> reporter: he says they are very close, but he did stop short of saying he was optimistic they will be able to avoid a government shutdown. >> thank you. sherri got reaction from a democratic lawmaker. let's hear from michelle bachmann from minnesota about abortion. >> the bill that was sent over today to the senate had to do with abortion. but what it did was it cut out the abortion in washington d.c. it didn't necessarily defund planned parenthood. that shows movement and negotiation on the part of john
8:08 am
boehner. that tells me that i think we'll probably get somewhere on this. >> federal workers hope that is true. dave ross joins us now getting more reaction from some workers. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: it's kind of funny. we see this in the sports world, and now the real world. a potential government shutdown. midnight is the deadline tonight. some d.c. residents and federal employees that i spoke to this morning are quite concerned about their immediate futures and their jobs. i will tell you this. the general consensus this morning is they don't think the government is doing this for the right reasons. they are trying to use this as a political ploy if you will.
8:09 am
they are concerned about whether or not they are going to get a paycheck next week and whether or not they can plan things in the near future. right now, everything is up in the air with this midnight deadline. that's the latest for now. >> thanks so much. we'll check in with dave ross later on. if a shutdown does happen the essential services would not be disrupted. police would remain on duty. the 911 call center would remain open. firefighters would still be on the job. charter schools would stay open. residents would feel some impact as the department of consumer of regulatory affairs would not be issuing any new permits. all libraries in d.c. will be
8:10 am
closed. let's take a look at the other top stories today. one firefighter is dealing with life-threatening injuries. three others also hurt. all while battling a house fire. part of the roof collapsed at the home on 48th place early this morning. no residents were inside at the time. investigators are trying to figure out what started this blaze. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting of a teen in southeast. this happened around 9:30 last night in the 1300 block of congress street. police say a 16-year-old boy shot and killed. they have no suspects at this time. no word on any motive. a plan to search for a missing north carolina teen last seen in baltimore is in place. hundreds of baltimore police officers will search a wooded area tomorrow for clues in felicia barns' disappearance. she was reported missing on december 28th. barns had been visiting three older half siblings in
8:11 am
baltimore. 10 minutes past the hour on this friday morning. next we'll check out other stories making headlines include of a royal visit to d.c. a month or so after the wedding.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
an elementary schoolteacher is facing federal charges of down loading child pornography. he was a language teacher in alexandria. he confessed to down loading porn. documents claim he had several pairs of girls' underwear in his bedroom and in his pocket. d.c. police say a student brought drugs to an elementary school yesterday. they noticed a 4th grader may have drugs in his eye glass case. he claims he picked it up by accident at a convenience store. exciting news. prince charles coming to the district. his office confirms the heir will visit in may. he will meet with president
8:15 am
obama and give a speech on sustainable agriculture at georgetown university. before we get to the weather -- >> that totally threw me. most would choose to be charles. >> he loves that falsetto. >> i'm camilla.
8:16 am
>> speaking of royal, doesn't she look beautiful. this is 3-year-old mya. all dressed up in her sunday's best. i love that hat. she's ready for easter. >> very cute. i love when kids put on their parent's clothes. thank you for sending that in. mya is gorgeous. i say wear the same thing on easter sunday. send us your child's picture. go to click on mornings. satellite and radar. we have some clouds and some prescription. not everyone is seeing it. but this is how it's going to go today. areas of rain will be passing through during the course of the day. is it going to pour rain all day long over all of us? no, it is not. but there will be periods of prescription. let's look at the temperatures.
8:17 am
a cool start to the day. once again, in the 40s. 46 degrees here in d.c. 45 at the airport. 45 in baltimore. fredericksburg is at 50 degrees. here's a look at the forecast for today and the next 5 days. high today only 52 degrees. that's well below normal. periods of rain. tomorrow rain i think in the morning. maybe some showers and drizzle. that will give way to partial sunshine. sunday nice and 75. monday 83 but some thunderstorms are possible. tuesday not bad. 70 degrees. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now let's look at traffic with julie wright. he doesn't even drink coffee. that's the scary thing. right now, we're trying to wrap up the commute. it won't be easy on the topside of the beltway. this is where we have problems
8:18 am
because of a crash that occurred. we have two right lanes tied up with fire and rescue units there. the outer loop tied up now. headed west you're going to find 95 delays to the beltway. you'll want to move to the left to work your way around that. southbound at 270 improving now out of gaithersburg. you're going to find delays leaving 370. that activity now cleared. today's anger over the pending government shutdown might get hotter if the paychecks stop coming. very real possibility of course, of government workers scrambling to make ends meet. so the question from a financial standpoint, how do you handle a sudden reversal of finances? joining us is the group from the financial advisors.
8:19 am
probably the number one question that we have been getting from people is what do i do if i suddenly find myself not getting a paycheck. a lot of people still living paycheck to paycheck. we know which bills are due at what point. a lot of times we stagger them so we don't get hit with everything at the first of the month. if the paychecks stop coming, what do we do? >> what i would do is hopefully you have some savings. or some emergency funds put away for an event like this. if you don't, which i'm assuming a lot of people will be faced with that i would get on the phone and start calling creditors or people you owe money to. we're still in unstable times. people are open for negotiations. they want their money, so be proactive in your approach in terms of addressing outstanding debts you have. >> even if we don't know if this is going to happen, but if we don't know how long it's going to last, is it still a
8:20 am
good idea to get on the phone and say i work for the government. there's a good chance i might not be getting paid. what can i do now? >> absolutely. again, you want to be proactive. you don't want to put them in a defensive posture. so by being proactive and contacting them and calling them and fees still may be assessed, but at least they know what's going on. that will definitely work to your advantage. >> that's some good advice. as far as getting the money if we have to make the payments, the question comes to where does the money come from if we don't have the savings built up? a lot of people looking at retirement plans. is that an option? >> you can tap into your 401k. it's an option of last resort. you can borrow for a lot of things, but i'm not a proponent of tapping your 401k.
8:21 am
if it comes down to being put out on the street, do what you have to do. but look to things like maybe you can borrow money from friends or family. or be creative in terms of addressing your bills. but in terms of touching your uld try to stay away from that as much as possible. >> so make that the last option. if you did borrow against it you still have to pay that back. >> absolutely. if you don't pay it back, you could be assessed penalties and taxes if you were to leave your job or be fired. that's a loan if you do borrow from it that you want to pay back. >> as far as paying the bills when they are due, are there some that we could prioritize more than others whether it be definitely want to pay the mortgage or the credit card? what's the most important thing to make sure we get paid on time this month at least? >> i would start with the
8:22 am
mortgage. depending on how bills come if you have children with education and that kind of stuff, i would address that. of course, have some money set aside for groceries and those expenses. credit cards are important, but and i don't know this factually, but i think if you talk to the creditors, you may have more wiggle room. >> but we don't want to lose the house. we want to make sure we get that one done. when this is all said and done, and we don't know if it's going to happen, but we're hearing from people who don't have the so called rainy day fund available. it's difficult for a lot of people to do. can we learn from this situation to maybe find a way to put a little something away in the future? >> i think this is another lesson to be learned. we're still in uncertain times. this to me further emphasizes the importance and the need to establish what i call the emergency fund. even though things are tight,
8:23 am
we have to find a way to scrape some money off the top and put it to the the side. we have to make a way. >> even if it's not a lot every little bit would help in a situation like this. >> absolutely. if they don't get paid now, maybe later. thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate the advice. that advice will be online as well. >> all right. it's 46 degrees. our coverage of the possible government shutdown far from over this morning. we're getting your questions answered. our fans have been posting questions all morning. we'll go out live to federal news radio again this morning to get those questions answered. then in our next half hour holly is live with d.c. united and their head coach.
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's rig
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8:27 am
as we look at other stories make headlines, more aftershocks in japan. yesterday it registered more than a 7. it was a 7.1 tremor. it left 1 million homes without power. a new government terror warning system expected to be in place by the end of this month. the color codes will disappear. according to a draft, there will now only be two levels of warnings. elevated and eminent. those will only be relayed to the public under certain circumstances. government shutdown could just be 15 hours away. and many of you have questions
8:28 am
about why this is happening and how it's going to impact your life. we asked our facebook fans what their questions are. we turn to federal news radio for some answers. good morning. >> good morning. >> one question. if we're furloughed, when do they decide whether we get back pay or not? >> if you can figure out the will of congress and when they are going to decide things, then you win the lottery. it is up to congress. there was a bill introduced to get people paid back after the furlough. but when that happens is anybody's guess. >> we should also take note that congress is scheduled to take a 2-week spring break on april 18th. >> i wonder if that will happen. got to get to this. you guys have a top ten things you should do before leaving the office. tell us a couple of those thoughts or things you suggest
8:29 am
these workers do. >> we have that on our website. a couple things you need to keep in mind. update your pay information. make sure your phone number is current in the system. if off refrigerator in your office, get your stuff out of it. and water the plants. >> you do have to show up for work monday even though you will be fur load. you have paperwork to fill out. some agencies are going to ask you to turn your blackberry in. so even if a furlough occurs in the next few hours, you have to be ready to go back monday morning. it will be an interesting set
8:30 am
of slug lines on monday morning. >> we have the entire list posted for you on our website. >> we'll be checking back in with you. thank you so much. see you soon. they will be with us later this morning again. question for about the weather. >> later today, look out because we'll get more rain. >> here's the good news, the weekend is looking better. let's take a look at the rain showers. off to the north and northwest, the rain has been hanging out all morning. occasionally, we've been seeing the bands reach as far south to the district. right now, we're just a little north of that. they are getting some rain shower activity. frederick too. it's lifting off to the northeast. what's happening is we have
8:31 am
some cool air at the surface. that's where we're seeing the rain showers. out to the west, we have more rain. that will move through. the entire area will get in on the rain. if you're watching southwest of the city, you haven't seen much in the way of rain. you too will get rain later today. cool. what a difference from yesterday. our temperatures just aren't going to warm up. 46 in the city. our highs later today only in the a 50s. 45 right now in gaithersburg. cool and cloudy. highs later this afternoon struggling into the low 50s with rain showers becoming more and more likely throughout the day. outdoor plans tonight might want to bring the umbrella. rain continues. drizzle overnight. 45 your overnight low. we wake up with cloud cover tomorrow. could be a shower or leftover drizzle. afternoon sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s.
8:32 am
right now, sunday looks fantastic. 75 and sunny. monday 83 degrees with thunderstorms in the afternoon. cooler but sunshine tuesday. we're definitely into a springtime pattern. that's a look at the weather. this weekend normally a busy one in d.c. dare i say one of the busier ones with the spring breakers in town and cherry blossoms. >> if the government shuts down, the smithsonian will close. but we do have good news about the cherry blossom parade. we learned that it will go on even if the government does shut down. police will take over policing of the parade route from the national park service. >> the parade is not the only cherry blossom taking place this weekend. still a lot going on. we have more on the weekend events rain or shine. government working or not. >> i got the skinny on if the
8:33 am
government does shut down. my song this week is bye-bye bye because it's the last weekend of the cherry blossom festival. let's get to the first event. the japanese street festival is going on tomorrow. it's the largest japanese cultural festival in the united states featuring food, art, and live traditional and performances. going on on 12th street and pennsylvania avenue in northwest. 1 1 a.m. to 6 p.m. it will go on even if the government shuts down. there's also another cherry blossom festival taking place this weekend, but it's not in downtown d.c. i stopped by to learn more about the event. >> we're here down at the
8:34 am
national event going on this sunday. >> i guess we'll just continue on. the details of that one is there's a cherry blossom festival going on at the national harbor. they dressed me up as a sumo wrestler. that was a good take though. even if the government shuts down, there's still many things going on. like you mentioned, the smithsonian is closed. but the private museums will still be open. the national building museum and national geographic museum will also be open. all kennedy center performances will also take place. however, ford theater will cancel all performances.
8:35 am
for all information on all my events, go to >> you are sweating. >> i am actually. >> can you just act it out for us. >> i don't think so. the fun of live tv. back to you. >> it is 8:35 on this friday morning. a surprising admission from a woman. plus we talk to brown about his side of the story. asohre.c [e
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
new details about simon brown. a woman was responsible for hiring brown. she was not instructed by the mayor to give him a job. brown was later fired after a background check turned up with past problems. he spoke about paul's testimony.
8:39 am
>> i would like to remind miss hall that lying under oath is a felony. you go back and review what she said on the record at the press conference with the mayor. initially, she said that i interviewed with someone else. now she says i interviewed with her. so there's a lot of inconsistencies with their statements. they need to review their own records and get their story together. at this point, the residents don't know which lies to believe. >> brown was askethe hearing. he refused to go. he has no intention of cooperating with a witch hunt. if you're looking for a new job, don't forget to check out our jobs shop. today's job of the day is with catering. the pay between $40,000 and $45,000 a year. it also includes benefits. go to the job tab is at the top of
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the home page. d.c. united gearing up for a big game this weekend. holly is there this morning with a preview for us. >> reporter: good morning. they are set to take on the l. a. galaxy saturday night. leading united will be coach ben olson. he'll talk about how he thinks the season is shaping up. that's next.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
tomorrow night under the lights. you think big lights. l. a. galaxy is in town. >> holly morris is previewing the game and talking about this year's season. >> reporter: good morning. they already have 21,000 tickets sold for the game on saturday night. lines will be long. get here early. they are coming off a win over philadelphia for the u.s. cup qualifier. they are hoping to keep the momentum going and have a big win on saturday night. leading the way, former player and current coach ben olson.
8:44 am
good morning. >> they are calling you the general. >> reporter: it's really early, but there's been a lot of action. >> we have some great stories. it's a good group. we have put together a good, young, talented group that we're hoping to build over the next couple years into a special team. but attitude has been great. the focus is exciting. >> reporter: do you think in terms of one season or the next three years? how do you outline it? >> this is a process. we have a new group. it's going to take time. however, i think we're better than i even thought this year. our goal is to make playoffs this year and build from there.
8:45 am
>> reporter: how much difference has davis made? >> he's been great. speed is pretty important. especially soccer. he has his juice still. he's been a great teammate on and off the field. he's brought a lot of energy to this club as well. it's been fantastic so far. >> reporter: you're the youngest coach in mls. you're 33. how difficult is it to make the transition from player to coach? >> i get this question a lot. i'd be lying if i didn't say there was some uncomfortable times. guys that i used to be roommates with or friends with. >> reporter: or maybe complaining about the coach with. >> i never complained about coaches. but there's times where that comes into play. as long as i keep the focus of whatever i do has to be the best for d.c. united, i can
8:46 am
sleep at night. i think they respect my honesty and hopefully there's a mutual respect there. >> reporter: what's your feelings on the hope for a different stadium for d.c. united. >> i won't touch the stadium issue, but we're always hopeful. our fans deserve a place of our own. and one day we'll have it, and it will be a great day. but for now, this is doing just fine. >> reporter: the game plan for saturday when there is so much hype when hollywood comes to town, do you care about that? >> we love it. i'm invested in this league. i love when we get big crowds. they certainly always bring our supporters out. but they are going to be here to see d.c. united. >> reporter: i heard a rumor when beckham made his debut, you switched jerseys with him.
8:47 am
>> he switched jerseys with me. >> reporter: but what happened to that jersey? >> my wife might have stole it. i think my sister did. >> reporter: at every level of your life and your career in terms of soccer, you have been successful. whether it be at virginia or d.c. united and two mls cups. you have gotten a lot of accolades. what does it mean when ben's chilly bowl is changed? >> that's my hood. i live about 3 blocks from there. it was a real honor. it was a good day. >> reporter: you're a big part of why this team is so storied and why people are so excited about it. very good. ben olson, everybody. we have a link on
8:48 am
to game details. 21,000 tickets already sold. their opening will call early at 4:00 this afternoon. 12 to 4 on saturday. 4 to 7 today. 4:00 on tomorrow. >> get here early. >> reporter: we're going to talk to a couple players in the next hour. back to you. >> thank you. it's 8:48. let's check more sports. we'll head to augusta for the masters. one of the most beautiful golf courses you'll find. this is aratief goosen. he ended up 2 under. the story of the tournament so far has been macearl roy.
8:49 am
spins back and sets up a birdie. the early leader with a 7 under. tiger woods in the longest winless streak going back to november of 2009. birdie time. woods 1 under. six shots off the lead. >> feeling very comfortable with my game. i played some really good golf. it was nice to see a few putts drop in as well. it's a great start to the tournament. hopefully, i can build on it. >> beautiful putts all day. he had a couple bad ones but overall felt good on the putts. realistically, the round should have been 60 to 69. >> they are back at it this morning. baseball when brice harper makes his minor league debut, we talk about it. last night that happened. he hit an rbi single in his first pro at bat.
8:50 am
he stole a base and finished the night 2-4 and helped the suns win 3-2. here's the parent column down in miami -- parent club down in miami. we like to see that as fans. third base with a triple. then the umpire said it was a homerun the whole time. now we go to extra innings. it's the 11th inning. a no doubter here. he puts it into the stands. the nats prevail. they head up to new york for a series with the mets. it's opening day for the mets in new york. hopefully, the nationals can ruin their home opener. >> yes. be the ruiners. it's 8:50. another shocking night on american idol. a lot to talk about there coming up. >> we'll tell you who got booted last night.
8:51 am
weome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open.
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let's say good morning to lewis our facebook fan of the day. he started watching fox 5 as a kid so he can know about the school closings. now he's watching for the first sign of 80-degree weather so he can get his motorcycle out. we hope that happens soon. not for a couple days but tony says maybe beginning of next week. if you'd like to monday's fan of the day find us on facebook. post a comment under lewis' photo. here's american idol. not enough voting fans even though the judges liked her.
8:55 am
>> it shocked everyone when it was announced that pia got the lowest number of votes. randy jackson angry. the shock had not worn off even after the show. >> it was the first time in a long time that i've been mad and very upset with how the outcome has come. i think this girl is really talented. i think she should have gone much further. she's one of the best singers we have here. one of the best singers we have had in a long time. i feel like america missed it a bit. i think people thought she was safe and didn't vote. >> we know singing is not enough. there are other factors. she will join us live at 9:30. >> they always take it out on ryan when he delivers the bad news. that's going to do it for me this morning. it's 8:55. tony is in after the break. a lot coming up.
8:56 am
stick around. fox 5 morning news will continue after this. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free
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welcome back. we're just 15 hours away from a potential government shutdown. if congress can't agree on a budget, the doors of federal agencies will lock. we're answering your questions this morning. plus it's not just the federal government that the shutdown will affect. we'll catch up with eleanor holmes norton. plus as we just mentioned a short time ago, it was quite the night on american idol. the front runner is now going home. we'll talk with her about her idol experience. was she surprised to get the boot? and what's next for her and her powerful voice. and i'm answering an


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